As a sole services provider Fairport undertakes total responsibility for all project development and delivery activities, thus reducing client risk in a collaborative, inclusive and integrated manner.


We develop and deliver projects from initial feasibility studies right through to design, build and commissioning.


Projects are developed on an Open Book basis, allowing optimum client involvement and complete transparency.


Fairport provides a highly experienced, cost efficient and totally accountable service from a single source which is not only measurable and transparent but also facilitates the establishment of long term strategic customer partnerships.


Our in-house engineering capability is expertly resourced and based on a proven , multi-skilled and qualified track record which promotes technical best practice.


Fairport specialises in fast-track projects and successfully achieves demanding technical, cost and time targets through its integrated and professional management services and procedures with full cognisance of all health and safety matters.


By offering a service which is truly supplier independent we maximise, by value engineering, the CAPEX/OPEX, technology and services in the most favourable manner for the lifetime of the project.


Project supply chains are carefully managed to minimise errors and delays and to enhance outcomes for the client through maximising resource usage.


Fairport’s financial standing achieves value for money and cost reporting is effective and accurate.


Fairport operates a comprehensive Health & Safety regime and so provides a targeted and sustainable zero accidents track record.


Fairport provides one single point of contact that is fully accountable and customer visible and so promotes Client satisfaction.


  • Total Project Management Services
  • Project Development & Delivery
  • Complete Project Engineering Services
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Process & Control Systems Engineering
  • Concept & Feasibility Assignments
  • Turnkey & Partnering Projects
  • Process & Operational Audits
  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Construction & Commissioning Management





Fairport use state of the art industry specific software and databases, operated by skilled professional engineers, to rapidly and cost effectively assess and rank project concepts and determine their feasibility.




Design and Build

Fairport’s full service provision is used in all the major sectors of the bulk minerals and materials processing and handling sectors by Clients who want to know that their investment is in good hands.


  • Aggregates
  • Fuels & Ash
  • Building Products
  • Concrete Products
  • Industrial