Minerals Processing Technologies


V-belt conveyor Wet screen - Hindlow - Cemex Rotary washing drum for limestone


Fairport is unique in that it is able to provide access to both processing and handling technologies. Processing expertise is available for limestone, granite, sand, industrial minerals and base metals.


The wide range of unit processing applications include:

  • Crushing, Screening, Grinding and Classification Systems
  • Heavy Media, Gravity and Magnetic Separation Systems
  • Froth Flotation Systems
  • Thickening, Filtration, Dewatering and Drying Systems
  • Conveying, Storage and Weighing Systems
  • Proportioning and Blending Systems


Materials Handling Technologies


Bucket elevator and silo installation 20,000t primary crushed limestone stockpile


Fairport excels in the provision of sophisticated handling and storage systems for most applications. This can be for bulk raw materials intakes before processing or finished product outloading to road or rail transport. The available technologies include:

  • Bulk & Intermediate Storage Systems
  • Pneumatic & Mechanical Conveying Systems
  • Sieving & Size Separation Systems
  • Automatic, Continuous & Batch Weighing Systems
  • Mixing, Conditioning & Blending Systems
  • Bagging & Palletising Systems


Advanced Process Technologies


Pre-heater tower - Rugby Cement Works Tertiary cyclone bypass system - Ketton Works - Castle Cement


A world leader in their field, ATEC offers clients, through their patented environmental technology – increased efficiency, reduced energy costs and environmental compliance.


Fairport has formed a partnership with ATEC to cooperate exclusively on specialised filter systems in the cement industry.


The unique combination of ATEC’s process technology and Fairport’s all round engineering expertise has been proven at Castle Cement’s Ketton site and CEMEX’s Rugby Works.


Bag & Sack Filling Technologies

Ventomatic packer Ventomatic packer Ventomatic packer


Ventomatic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of machinery for high accuracy and high capacity packaging and dispatching of granulated and powder products.


Fairport has installed Ventomatic Packing and Palletising facilities and systems for various clients, including Castle Cement and CEMEX.


Fairport recognises the quality that Ventomatic delivers and consequently are the UK Agents for their equipment.


Mine Safety Technologies

Selda arrestor


The principle of the Safety Arrestor is based on the dissipation of energy by plastic deformation of a ductile strip of material (such as mild steel) by sets of rollers over a large area. Hence it’s acronym name SELDA (Strain Energy Linear Ductile Arrestor). The kinetic energy is thus converted into strain energy which is safely released as low-grade heat. The Safety Arrestor consists of two or more strips suspended from the shaft steelwork which pass through roller boxes mounted on an arrestor frame.