Fairport undertakes total responsibility for all front end project development activities, thus reducing client risk in a collaborative, inclusive and integrated manner. Assignments are delivered on an open book basis, allowing optimum client involvement and complete transparency. Using this methodology Fairport provides a highly experienced, cost efficient and totally accountable service from a single source which is not only measurable but also facilitates the establishment of long term strategic customer partnerships. Additionally Fairport’s in-house technical capability is expertly resourced and offers a proven, multi-skilled and highly qualified track record which promotes technical best practice. By offering a service which is truly supplier independent we maximise, by value engineering, the CAPEX/OPEX, technology and services in the most favourable manner for the lifetime of the client’s project.


Fairport offers a variety of consultancy, knowledge-based services, that includes:




Fairport use state of the art industry specific software and databases, operated by experienced and skilled professional engineers, to rapidly and cost effectively assess and rank project concepts and determine their feasibility.



Front-End Engineering Definition

As a pre-cursor to, and facilitator of, final project sanction FEED assignments allow Fairport to significantly de-risk projects and thus achieve “bankability” for clients.



Client’s Engineer : Design and Build

Fairport’s full service provision is used in all the major sectors of the bulk minerals and materials processing and handling sectors by Clients who want to be assured that their investment is in good hands.