Lynemouth Biomass Conversion On Track…

After 43 years of operation Lynemouth Power Station burnt its last coal in December 2015 and is now moving towards a full conversion to biomass generation. Once operational the station will operate at base-load and generate 420MW, with 390MW export of low carbon electricity to the national grid; supporting the national climate change targets and achieving an annual output of about 2.3TWh that is sufficient to supply around 700,000 homes.

Sir Robert McAlpine is undertaking the contract to provide a new materials handling and storage system at Lynemouth and has appointed Fairport Engineering Ltd as its specialist materials handling engineer and designer thus allowing this land-mark project to benefit from the combined strengths of both organisations.

The complete replacement of coal, as the station’s fuel source, by biomass, predominantly wood pellets, has meant that a completely new intake and 50,000 ton storage system has had to be provided. The new facilities include a new rail unloading point, a new road unloading point and a new bulk storage silo facility (above). Essentially a high capacity bulk materials handling project the mechanical system comprises of a mixture of conventional mechanical belt conveyors, air supported belt conveyors, heavy duty drag link conveyors and dense phase pneumatic conveying. These units have been selected and designed to offer the optimum means of consistently handing, effectively and safely, a potentially dusty and dangerous material.

A view of construction progress as at early Autumn 2017 can be found on YouTube at :

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