Safety Health and Wellbeing Workshop

Safety Health and Wellbeing Workshop

Fairport Engineering Ltd.’s Health Safety & Environmental Manager Martin Burke attended a Safety Health and Wellbeing Workshop held at The Manchester Metropolitan University on Friday 15th November.

The theme of the workshop was that the world of safety and health has changed dramatically with unanimous agreement that a holistic and integrated approach was needed to address wellbeing and mental health as well as safety if true excellence is to be achieved.



The day was led by Professor Tim Marsh and Jason Anker. Tim has written several best-selling books on the subject and presented at major safety events around the world describing how this can be practically applied by individuals and organisations (It’s really all about blue pies).

Jason, long regarded as Europe’s pre-eminent inspirational safety speaker, has recently addressed the world of positive psychology and wellbeing with a new talk “it’s not about the fall, it’s about the bounce”. Jason described how his mental health suffered badly after his fall eventually leaving him in a coma from which he was lucky to recover. His description of his recovery, based on adopting positive thinking and habits, is utterly inspirational.

Martin Burke stated that the day was “both moving and entertaining” and he came away with some excellent ideas to help reinforce the positive health safety and wellbeing strategy presently in place at Fairport Engineering Ltd.


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