Fairport supplies New Mobile Hopper System at ABP’s Port of Immingham

Fairport Engineering has recently delivered a new mobile hopper system to Associated British Ports’ operations team at Immingham, handed over on time within 20 weeks from order.

The unit is designed to offload bulk commodities such as, Aluminium Oxide, Coal, Coke, Fluorspar, Salt, Soya Bean Meal and Urea from dry cargo vessels and is part of an on-going upgrade programme.

ABP Engineering Manager, Humber Sean Blissett, said, “Fairport Engineering has provided a simple, yet robust solution delivered, in budget and on time.” and went on to say, ‘It is important for our effective operations that we have a reliable offloading system that can be moved quickly and simply to wherever it’s needed within the port. Fairport’s mobile hopper has delivered a reliable, cost efficient unloading system”.

With a capability to handle six million tonnes a year the unit can offload dry bulk solids at a peak rate of 500t/h into HGV’s. The hopper provides 60m3 of storage capacity and so each HGV fill can be virtually guaranteed. The loading operation is managed by one operative, working independently of the crane operator who oversees the scheduling and movement of each HGV whilst under the hopper.

Power and light is sourced through an umbilical cable connected to the crane’s auxiliary port. As part of an integrated portside unloading solution the mobile hopper is compliant with current dust management regulations. Built in towing points enable the unit to be towed around the port.

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