Hinkley Point C – Fairport Adds To “Green” Credentials

When constructed and fully commissioned Hinkley Point C will provide added security to the mix of electrical generation capacity in the UK. In its own right nuclear power can be viewed as one of the greenest forms of reliable, long-term electrical energy available. The project will secure power for the U.K. for the foreseeable future, reportedly at least 60 years. Nuclear power is also one of the renewable energy forms that produce less CO2 than traditional fossil fuel systems.

However, before even generating one kilowatt hour of electricity the project is already establishing its “green” credentials for all to see. Much of the construction material, mainly aggregate and cement required to build the project is to be delivered by sea. This will save thousands of vehicles, over the 10 year construction period, having to use the roads surrounding the site. This is especially significant in the tourist areas of the North Somerset coast. Not only will it reduce vehicle pollution but it will also avoid traffic congestion.

Fairport Engineering’s part of the overall Hinkley Point C project is to provide a facility to receive and store aggregates, sand and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS). These materials will then be used by any of four concrete batching plants for the civil engineering aspects of the project.

Fairport Engineering is to design, supply and install the entire covered conveyor system for aggregate and sand along the 500m jetty, into a compartmentalised storage building. Additionally a 5,000t silo is to be provided for GGBS cement. All necessary electrical and control systems will be provided. Installation, commissioning, handover and training are also included in Fairport’s scope of works.

Whilst Fairport Engineering is based in Adlington, Lancashire and the project is key to Britain, its supply chain spreads across Europe, including Germany and Italy; thus mirroring the wider diversity of stake-holding partners for the project as a whole.

Fairport Engineering is managing the project with BYLOR (Bouygues TP and Laing O’Rourke) and has their project delivery team based on site in order to safely manage the installation under the C(DM) 2015 regulations. Currently good progress is being achieved. As can be seen in the photograph (below) the GGBS silo has recently been erected and the photograph (above) shows current progress with the jetty and storage building.

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