Starting Young At Fairport

Fairport Engineering Ltd, based in Adlington, Lancashire has been around for some 35 years and over this time has encouraged young local people to join the company and make successful carers for themselves. Fairport currently employs a total staff of over 60 people and amongst them there are a Construction Engineer, Design Engineer and Safety Advisor who are all either 30 years of age or younger and have between them a total of over 10 years of company service. Others have spent their formative years with the company and, as is natural, have moved on to better themselves. Two ex-employees now run their own successful businesses in the area and others have taken careers in IT in the Middle East, to name but a few.


This trend continues today, as demonstrated by the recent work experience week that Robert Brown undertook with the company. Robert is 14 years old and is a student at Parklands High School in Chorley. He is pictured (left) with Fairport’s Managing Director, Neil Hyde, during his visit. Somewhat surprisingly, he decided that the week before his summer holidays he preferred to “come to work” rather than “wind down” before a no doubt, well-deserved break from school !!! During his stay with Fairport Robert was given the opportunity of spending periods of time with each of the company’s main functional departments – Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Quality, Health & Safety, Commercial, Central Services and ITC. This was intended to provide a perception of the whole of company and how the organisation works together. However, it comes as no surprise that with a liking for Maths and Science at school it seems that the Engineering Department held the greatest interest for Robert !!!

Not that the entire time was spent learning about the company and preparing a portfolio of his work experience. It is strongly rumoured that he was particularly fond of the breakfast crumpets provided by Sue Fenton, Fairport’s in-house Catering Manager (Tea Lady to those of you who know her !!!) and that sharing an Egg & Bacon Muffin with the Managing Director was also appreciated !!!

As a slightly more serious note, Fairport is accredited to ISO 260000, the international standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. A key part of this initiative is a commitment to be involved in the local community in a number of ways. Providing an opportunity for young people to get on in life is one way that the company contributes to this as well as regular sponsorship of local sports teams and events.

All of the staff who had the chance to spend time with Robert wish him well and hope that he makes an interesting and rewarding career for himself in the future.

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